Bio: I have had the desire and drive to create all my life. I have been painting and drawing full time since I was 13 yrs old. My life as an artist slowed in 2006 when I had my first child and then second child on 2009 but it has never ceased to haunt me and I always maintained a form a creativity. I split my time up in three ways: Living, Creating and Nurturing. I fully believe you MUST live to create art. And although I believed nurturing my children would be separate from my art it is intricately woven in because it is a constant force in my life. Creating, for me, is like flipping a switch. I very much believe in Flow and it comes naturally to me. Good art is not always created but I am always able to open the door to the place where it can be made. My art is and always will be of an expressive nature. It's psychological. I paint the intensity of my mind and I attempt to tap into the unconscious and in-articulated emotions. I try to meet my demons and my saints. I don't want to destroy them. They make me. But I do desire to reveal what is hidden. I believe if I understand myself then perhaps I can unravel life. I will never stop asking questions. I will never stop fighting. I will never give up. Life is intoxicating and I don't intend on quitting til the bottles empty.

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